Skills that I want to improve in next 10 years

While reflecting on Randy Pauche’s last lecture, it occurred to me that the reason for feeling as if I am without a rudder might be because I don’t have a clear vision of my life goals either for short term or long term.

When I was 18 years old, I had several goals I wanted to accomplish in the next 10 years..
I don’t remember all of them but I can recall several that I did achieve.
– Become more computer savvy than the average person. (Unfortunately, it has became my profession :P)
– Meet people from all around the world to hear their perspective on world events.
– Become an awesome person so that I can meet an awesome boyfriend.
– Become an independent person that can always provide help. (I think I am independent, and in terms of “help”…. let’s see… it’s always hard to become “the” helpful person… but I try)

Currently, I am 28 years old. Time to set goals for the next 10 years. Not sure about the long term ones yet..
– Master design-related hardware (camera, video) and software applications (Photoshop, Premiere, Maya, etc.) to the extent thatI am invited for an exhibition of my collection.
– Become tri-lingual (learn either Mandarin or French)
– Become semi-professional squash player.
– Master in electronic music composition (using a keyboard)
– Make good friends with at least 100 different people with different occupations (like journalists, musicians, which I normally don’t meet as often)
– Visit all 7 continents..
– Become a relaxed but competitive person.
And lastly but not the least, become a responsible family member (maybe add the title of “wife” and “mom” to the collection)


One Comment on “Skills that I want to improve in next 10 years”

  1. abender says:

    Semi-pro squash player, huh? That will be the hardest goal by far. Are you taking lessons? Being a wife will be the easiest goal. 😉

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