Microsoft Puzzle Challenge 2008

Every year, Microsoft hosts a puzzle challenge across several universities.
A group of 4 people collaborate to solve 15~25 problems in 12 hour span. When certain number of answers to different puzzles are accumulated, we can use these answers to solve the ultimate meta puzzle. The goal of this challenge is to solve this meta puzzle as quickly as possible. If no team manages to solve this meta puzzle, the winner is determined by the total number of puzzles solved.

Maryland was invited to take part in this event for the first time with total of 10 slots. My Curious George lab mate Nick convinced me that it will be a fun experience. So we went. Minkyoung, Chang and myself.

Microsoft DC office was located in the heart of Bethesda shopping mall area. It would’ve been a shame if I left Maryland without seeing this shopping mall area. As I was walking around to find where the competition was being held, I enjoyed the walk itself. It makes me happy when I find a place with nice shopping center.

Several questions were easy, several questions were difficult. I ended up leaving early (around 7 pm) as Adam flew in from California. I had to either convince myself that our team can make at least 3rd place out of 10 participating teams OR I had to go and pick Adam up from the airport. With limited internet access and the feeling that I was unprepared for the competition discouraged me from hypnotizing myself that there is a chance of being in the top 3. So I left..
which in retrospective, I regret.. Nick later told me that immediately after I left, our rank was 4 th place.

But there is always next year…
I will be prepared and ready.

I am glad I participated in this event..


One Comment on “Microsoft Puzzle Challenge 2008”

  1. Lori says:

    Cool, I think Ian did this too. I forget the outcome of that, haha.

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