BBQ party

To toast for Adam’s not-so-recent return from California and my impending departure to Ithaca, we threw a Korean BBQ party. As I’ve never thrown a party to non-Koreans before, I’ve always wanted to do this. We prepared Kalbi, marinated spicy pork and several Korean side dishes.

It was an interesting experience for several reasons:
1) I finally got to use Sandro’s grill stove. It was pretty awesome that we didn’t have to go out to grill the Kalbi. Catherine seemed to like it the best. She asked Bobby, “Can we have one of these?” pointing the stove. Which was followed by Bobby’s joke, “You mean a graduate student that can cook these (Kalbi)? Sure~”
2) Adam’s friends sang birthday song for me which was very nice. When the song was over, Dave told me, “Now blow off all the oreos on top,” instead of the candles.
3) People finished kimchi and Korean seaweed salad that I didn’t expect them to appreciate.

When I opened up the refrigerator this morning, I discovered more than 30 bottles of like 7~8 different kinda beer. Yeayi~ Another party. šŸ˜›

One Comment on “BBQ party”

  1. Lori says:

    LOL @ blowing out the oreos!That’s so romantic that Adam sang you a song! *sigh*

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