Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs

I really enjoy watching animations and children movies. For my movie selection, it’s not just the plotline that is important, but the visual aethetic is also very important. Of course, some people might say that horror movies or action movies put enormous amount of effort in visual effects. However, visuals that involve bloody scene or some natural disaster is more of a stunt in metaphor of acting than an emotionally immersed one. In other words, those are literally “visual effects” as opposed to “elaborate visuals”. Animations and scenes in children movies are visually pleasing in that it is graphics are sometimes very creative and color selections are well thought out with great compositions.

To aethetically please my visual bud, I saw another animation film on Sunday (11/1) with Shaomei. It is a movie about a socially retarded scientist inventing a machine. This machine changes H2O into any food that it is programmed to produce by obsorbing clouds in the sky. As it is the first invention that the scientist ever managed to please other people in his town, he is not rational about the danger of this machine. As a result, he loses his chance to shut down the system at proper time. To make things worse, when the machine starts spitting out gigantic junk food from the sky, the remote control that can shut down the system is destroyed. Nonetheless, just like any other kids movie, the main character saves the world by solving the problem that he created himself and as a bonus even get the girl of his dreams.

Despite some of the streotypical settings that movie critics might have been furious about, I liked this movie.
1) Bill Badar and Andy Samberg from SNL are the voice actor for two of the main characters in this movie. I like watching animations with my favorite actors doing the voices I get frequent flashback of how they might haved acted certain scenes if it wasn’t an animation.

2) The plot was very good in that every scene was well explained and motivated. In other words, unlike other movies that ends with many unanswered questions, the scientist saves the world by serendipitously using all his previous inventions that was described earlier in the movie. For example, the scientist’s lousy laceless shoe spray is used to blow up the machine. When falling from the sky, his rat-birds catch him and bring down the scientist safely. When the father becomes speechless in describing how proud he is about his sone, the scientist’s brain computer interface that was invented to listen to animals is used.  In short, I thought the story writer was pretty creative in how he/she weaved the scenes in the beginning to scenes in the end.

In summary, I would probably give this movie 3.8 out of 5.

If Shaomei ever get to read this blog, “Thanks for taking me out to the movie~”


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