Google search engine – Hyunyoung Song

My personal web page inherits the high page rank due to the high page range of host site. Hence, when “Hyunyoung” or “Hyunyoung Song” is entered as a keyword, my webpage is the first item on the search result.

Another competing identity with hyunyoung keyword is a Korean singer named “Hyunyoung” who’s known for her song “Nuna’s dream” (Nuna is a generic term for “older sister”) Usually, google is very good at distinguishing whether a keyword phrase is entered to look at one of my publications, or whether the keyword is designed to search for the Korean singer. For example, if it is “Maryland Hyunyoung”, Google directs my webpage. If it is “Hyunyoung singer”, Google directs the user to the singer’s webpage.

Today, as I was looking at my visitor log and some searched keywords, I found a phrase that is very obvious that was intended to find the Korean singer but the google engine thought that my webpage was more relevant.

The phrase was: “Hyunyoung Nuna Song”


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