Cornell Hockey Games

This month, I attended two hockey games against other IVY league school, Dartmouth and Princeton.

The game against Dartmouth (6th) was with Adam and Hronn. Adam made an effort to come to Ithaca after his submission to WWW. Originally Hronn managed to get two hockey tickets from a CS faculty member. As the Gilmores have three season tickets, I was hoping that Adam get to come along even if we have to sit in different section. On the day of the Hockey game, Jim proposed a brilliant idea of exchanging 2 tickets with the 3 tickets that they have so that our couple and Hronn can enjoy the game at their seat and two Gilmores watching the game at the CS faculty seats. Between 1st and 2nd period, Rhonda came over to our seat telling us how impressed she was with Jim’s “intellectual girth” of the day. =)

The game against Dartmouth was relatively relaxing. I already researched before the game that they are ranked the lowest among IVY league teams. Not to my surprise, we won with 5-to-1. Because it was obvious that we will win, I was able to pay attention other aspect of the game. Before, I was occupied in keep track of which player it was that crashed against the wall and where the puck went. (Visually following the puck requires quite a concentration. It feels almost like one of those magic tricks where you have to visually track which one of the three cups are hiding a ball.) I noticed that some hand signs that the referees made for some penalty was not self-explanatory. One time, Cornell pulled out our goalie even when our score was already 4 points or so. One of the Cornell players were knocked out on the ice for about 5 minutes after tripping over another Dartmouth player but I couldn’t figure out what kind of penalty the Dartmouth player got. That night, Adam and I sat across each other on my living room sofa with out legs braided one after another looking up penalty rules on Youtube. (

This week, Hronn rushed to my office shouting “I have tickets for the hockey game!”. It was against Princeton which I had very bad feelings against. Last spring, they beat us to 1-to-2 on my very first hockey game experience. It was quite a tragic how we lost. On the very last 1 minute on the last period, they pulled out the goalie to fight with 6 offensive players and scored a goal on the 38 seconds before the end of the game. The game went overtime for sudden death and the result wasn’t pretty. Bottom line, I was very excited to be in the ice rink to see the game hoping to see a revenge.

When Hronn showed me the tickets for the Princeton game, I was slightly puzzled. One was on row 14 and the other was in row 2 of section B. She replied, “We will be fine, it’s in the student section and it’s going to be crazy anyways. We will be able to swap seats or squeeze you in to row 2.” And yes, she was right with both points. We were both able to enjoy the game in row 2 which was spectacular. At the same time, the entire section was totally out of control.

Student section cheers during the ENTIRE game. Everybody screams their lungs out that I often saw droplets of spittle clash against the plastic wall in front of us. One guy behind us was eating pop corn. From time to time, the pop corn will fly and hit against the plastic wall too. Hronn and I felt like being baptized by the Cornell undergrads’ spitting from behind. We told each other that next time we will remember to wear a cap and laundry clothes. Furthermore, some undergrads were clearly drinking alcohol during the game. When the student section shouted “Let’s go Red”, the smell of alcohol fumes from behind made us quite dizzy.

Nevertheless, I learned so many cheers (, some of which were very funny, some of which were very brutal and atrocious. Whenever our player scores a goal, the entire student section said “Sieve, Sieve, Sieve, Sieve, You SUCK!” and then it will be followed by “It’s all your fault~, It’s all your fault”. When the other team goalie manage to block a puck, the students shout “Lucky sieve, Lucky sieve~”. This was all cute and funny. However, whenever a period ended and the Princeton coach was leaving the bench, the entire student shouted “Bald, Bald, Bald x10” which I thought was too insulting.

When 2 minutes were left, Hronn and I both remembered to pull out our key chain and jingle. I told Hronn, “Thank you for sharing your ticket with me~!”. Hronn replied, “Thanks to you that this time, I know that key chain jingle in the third period means it’s the end of the game!”

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  1. Adam says:

    another IVY league school -> other Ivy League schoolsGame against Dartmouth -> The game against DartmouthStudent section cheers -> The student section cheersspitting clash against -> spittle clash againstfumed -> fumesVery funny and interesting post, honey. 🙂

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