Google art project

I enjoy going to art museums. At one point, I thought that museum curators have the most amazing job ever. Google art project relieves web surfers the problem of physically being present at an art museum.
On this website, ou can go through just the collections inside an art gallery or navigate around the museum similar to how you navigate around google street view application.

Here are demonstration videos.

Here is what people are saying about this project.

Comment> The navigation controls are really unintuitive. It brings up the frustration that I experienced when using GoogleTV.

Regardless, I am adding this to my list of cool google websites.
The last website that was added was google demo slam (

5 Comments on “Google art project”

  1. Adam says:

    Yeah, I tried navigating, and it wasn’t as good as StreetView: I couldn’t click on a remote location and zoom there. Perhaps they will add that in the future. Google’s method is to launch early and iterate. 🙂
    Also some pictures in MoMA seemed blurred out. Wonder why?

  2. Atencio Lopez says:

    averyone should forward this website to friends

  3. Puzzled says:

    I really don’t understand the value of the “street view”.. after all the gallery setting is very artificial and depends on the curators taste and availability of artwork. It would have been tremendously more beneficial to allow searching of specific pictures (and then maybe suggesting related artwork from the same or other galleries based on painter or theme or whatever…)

  4. Des Kyoung says:

    really very helpful for art lovers …….thanks!

  5. Mathew.ta. says:

    It is good to watch this great art sitting in my room .thanq goole.

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