Programming, Building, Tools

My experience in programming spans from general programming languages (C++, C#, C, Java) to specialized scripting languages (Python*, Perl, Ruby).

During undergrad and grad school, I had to administer several Unix and Linux servers (for the Korean computer science graduate association and my research group) which led me to experience different operating systems. Another domain of experience that I have is in Numerical Analysis, Computer Graphics and Computer Vision libraries (matlab, opencv, gpu programming, vtk, itk) from either being a teaching assistant (Numerical Analysis) or taking a class.

Later in my program, I helped Professor Guimbretière set up and run the Fabrication Lab at the University of Maryland. Among the many rapid prototyping devices, I was the admin support for the Versa laser cutter and the ZCorp 3D Printer (tutorial*) and two types of eye trackers (ISCAN and Tobii). Some of my published work uses these devices.

While I was visiting Autodesk Research for two summers, I also had opportunity to experience many image, vector editing, and 3D modeling software packages (AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks, Rhino, Maya). In particular I enjoy creating conceptual sketches using Autodesk SketchBook and vector graphics using InkScape.

Note: Hyper links with ‘*’ will take you to a post that I wrote about the topic.