Efforts to improve my writing

If someone asked me what I acheived in my 5 years of graduate student experience, I can confidently list the following.

– I can read and replicate almost any experiment described in a technical paper within Computer Science domain.
– I can now articulate a research idea well enough both in English and Korean.
– I developed several technical skills to improve the quality of visual, oral and written presentation.

If someone asked “what are you missing in this list?”, I would answer that it is my writing skills.

About two weeks after my summer internship at Autodesk, Tovi sent me a link to a book called Style of Writing. Aside from being thankful that my mentor from summer internship decided to recommend a book to help me become a better researcher, I felt disappointed in myself. I came to realize that I’ve been procrastinating in improving my writing skill for over 5 years. I told myself that it is about time that I put an end to this procrastination.

As a starting point, I plan to write one blog entry everyday for a year (just like Julie from “Julie and Julia”).
However, there is one more condition. As talking about my everyday life will not improve my technical writing skills, I plan to summarize an interesting paper, or an article that has at least 5 new terms or phrases that I do not know. I will highlight those new terms in RED..